Membership Status Change

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Membership Status Change

Postby alans » 1 Aug 2014, 8:13pm

I have recently joined CTC as an affiliate member with the FNRttC organisation.

How do I go about enhancing this to full membership?

I cannot find any advice on this specific issue on the CTC website & would appreciate it if someone could point out any "man-look" behaviour on my part or advise otherwise.


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Re: Membership Status Change

Postby gaz » 1 Aug 2014, 11:45pm

I think your enquiry can only be resolved by a telephone call to the membership department. As that department is now "in-house" I wouldn't be surprised if it's not open at the weekend.

My expectation is that you'll simply be asked to take out a full price membership.
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Re: Membership Status Change

Postby Si » 2 Aug 2014, 4:44pm

what Gaz said....I would be inclined to wait till your affiliate membership runs out and then take the full membership if they won't let you upgrade at cost.