Converting to a charity - review

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Re: Converting to a charity - review

Postby mjr » 21 Nov 2014, 11:39am

Si wrote:For instance the CTC has a whole section of its website devoted to all of the different types of training that it offers.

I've wondered about updating my ancient cycling training and it'd be good to have some decent training to suggest to new riders, but I've given up every time because it's nearly impossible to find training details in a sensible time. I've just explained in more detail in viewtopic.php?f=11&t=92214
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Re: Converting to a charity - review

Postby Si » 21 Nov 2014, 11:48am

I did What We Do -> Courses for Instructors -> National Standard Instructor , and found a section that gives email and phone number to use to find courses near you. It's my understanding that they do not put these courses on on a (for example) regular monthly basis, thus you need check with them when the next one near you will be. If a number of people check with them from the same area then they may put one on for those people.

Anyway, that's my understanding - I didn't do mine with the CTC so it worked differently for me.

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Re: Converting to a charity - review

Postby gaz » 4 Apr 2015, 2:15pm

gaz wrote:Gift Aid cash cow still refuses to go "Moo" :mrgreen: .

Digging around a bit I've found CTC's Summary Information Return to the Charity Commission for 2013.

That seems to show that Membership subscriptions (donations) raised £1,786,000. Member Benefits cost £1,495,000 to deliver. So CTC's own figures show on average 83.7% of a members subs go on providing member benefits.

Gift Aid statement pre Charity conversion.

... HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) allow benefits of up to 25% of a donation to be given to the donor. If CTC becomes a charity, CTC will need to agree with HMRC what the value of CTC membership benefits given to members is. ... The need to agree Gift Aid with HMRC may be a complex discussion as it is sometimes the value to the recipient that HMRC uses in the calculation rather than the costs to the charity. ...

Getting from a declared 83.7% down to 25% should prove to be an extremely complex discussion.
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