No more CTC technical officer ** NO HOAX **

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Re: CJ Back? (or not :( )

Postby JohnW » 14 Dec 2015, 9:29pm

CJ wrote:
TonyR wrote:.................
Do you know if that is a newly commissioned piece or just a piece that has been in the pipeline for an issue since before That Day?

It's old and regurgitated. But what do you care?

TonyR wrote:Does it bother me that the equipment reviews in the magazine might not be as thorough? Not really because there are plenty of other places to go...

And from what I hear on the grapevine about declining membership (I mean REAL members, the ones who pay the bills, not the loss-leader affiliate so-called members), it seems that when people have to go those other places, they really go!

Please don't upset yourself Chris - if this situation had been decided democratically, you'd still be with us. A lot of us do care, and I think that the membership is going to miss you and regret what's happened more and more as time goes by...........but no-one is going to listen to us.

I hope that all's well with you Chris. We remember your name - but I can't remember the name of either the chairman of council, or the chief exec. The following was said above, and I endorse it :

".......far more significant is that the organisation had a capable, knowledgeable employee who knew the industry and cycling community and was highly respected by the industry and cycling community. If an organisation cannot make effective use of such a person where his skills are highly relevant to the organisation's work then it is a complete management failure.......".

The word inept also springs to mind. An unbiased, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable 'Technical Officer' was part of my reason for continuing my membership for nearly 40 years and if others have continued their membership for similar reasons then I submit that the 'Technical Officer' will have generated more revenue than money saved made by dispensing with his services.

Ride on Chris - I hope it never rains on your rides.

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Re: No more CTC technical officer ** NO HOAX **

Postby LollyKat » 14 Dec 2015, 10:38pm


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Re: No more CTC technical officer ** NO HOAX **

Postby sjs » 15 Dec 2015, 11:21pm

LollyKat wrote:+1

Agreed. And membership cancelled some months ago.

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Re: No more CTC technical officer ** NO HOAX **

Postby robgul » 16 Dec 2015, 8:25am

sjs wrote:
LollyKat wrote:+1

Agreed. And membership cancelled some months ago.

I hope you got a refund like I did when I cancelled membership - cancelled after 4 months from renewal and got 8/12ths back . . . and totally agree

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Re: No more CTC technical officer ** NO HOAX **

Postby LittleGreyCat » 17 Feb 2016, 9:59am

Been away, and come back to this.

I haven't the stamina to read 45 pages of posts, but I have seen a lot of grumbling and a lot of "cancelled my membership" comments but no sign of an organised public campaign.

For those who cancelled, would it not have been more use to actively do something - like arrange for all the grumblers to attend the next AGM and put their issues to the CTC in person?

I doubt the CTC would give as much notice to grumbling on a forum (minimum effort = minimum impact) as to a load of discontented members turning up at the AGM.

Activist shareholders have a lot of impact if they turn up to an AGM in force. They are highly visible and difficult to ignore.

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Re: No more CTC technical officer ** NO HOAX **

Postby Graham » 17 Feb 2016, 2:08pm

It is all happening on Facebook "Where should the CTC be going?". Which is a public group that you have to request to join ( assuming that you have a Facebook account yourself ).

Flash-mobbing the AGM has already been suggested in that Facebook group.

Interesting times.