CTC Ride Rules

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Re: CTC Club Ride Rules

Postby TonyR » 17 Dec 2014, 3:40pm

Bikefayre wrote:Now realise the CTC no longer allows or caters for vintage bicycles like mine so will stay away! Cyclists on road bikes have threatened me in the past, not CTC members, as have had foul language shouted at me, bottles thrown at me and had some try to push me off the road due the negative reaction my older bikes seem to attract, even speaking to them can result in a tirade of foul language when stopping to speak to them. Are frightened of cyclists more than motorists, especially road bike cyclists so are to scared to report anything hence my friendly open chat with everyone here.

You're not describing anything I recognise as the CTC or road cycling in general from over 50 years of cycling. I ride bikes of all ages and types and see no difference in the attitudes of other cyclists to older bikes. And the CTC rides I go on have bikes of all types and ages with all welcome.