2019 World's

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Re: 2019 World's

Postby mjr » 20 Oct 2016, 1:24pm

mig wrote:but it might allow the moto riders through and thereby prevent crashes & jogging to the summit.

Worst we saw in Yorkshire was a few selfie prats, wasn't it? Although a London selfie prat on stage 3 ended Andy Schleck's racing career.

What we need is some of those nice Spanish policemen from the Vuelta manhandling spectators off the course... best not get them to check the route for bollards, though. :-(
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Re: 2019 World's

Postby mig » 20 Oct 2016, 7:29pm

i do think it has got worse on home roads in more recent years (post 2012?) there were plenty of people on holme moss for the leeds classics but they weren't obstructive. even the thousands riding down the slopes after the race had been through were quite well ordered.

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Re: 2019 World's

Postby Postboxer » 3 Nov 2016, 6:16pm

They should have sued the London Selfie Prat, damn pedestrians, they aren't licenced, they're untraceable, they don't have insurance.

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Re: 2019 World's

Postby thirdcrank » 29 Jun 2017, 8:41am