2002 born uphill race

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2002 born uphill race

Postby United1 » 26 Dec 2016, 7:35pm

I'm looking for an uphill race in Europe for my 15 year old son. The only two I found are not ideal. The granfondo the stelvio is an excellent race and with a distance of 63km might be just right ,but unfortunately the date is not available for him. The other granfondo alpi Biellese , is on perfect date , but 94km uphill is way too much for him.
Does anyone knows of any uphill races around easter or in summer that accepts 15 year olds

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Re: 2002 born uphill race

Postby The utility cyclist » 25 Jan 2017, 3:13pm

If you want to get your son into a race I suggest you get him to join a club, there is plenty of junior racing. These events are not races in any case but cycling events/challenges, big diffference.
Why not plot your own route on your own preferred dates and 'race' it then, why does it need to be part of someone elses plans/event, why not make it just for you and him?