Tom Simpson Film Show

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Tom Simpson Film Show

Postby TrevA » 4 Jul 2017, 12:15pm

I went to a cinema showing of the Tom Simpson documentary "Something to Aim At", last night in Nottingham. I think there's a showing in London tonight.

The film was excellent, documenting Tom's life, with lots of archive footage on and off the bike, with interviews with Tom himself, his family and team mates. Well worth seeing if you get the chance and I think it's also available on DVD.
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Re: Tom Simpson Film Show

Postby thirdcrank » 4 Jul 2017, 12:27pm

13 July this year will be the 50th anniversary of his death so expect more of this.

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Re: Tom Simpson Film Show

Postby cycleruk » 4 Jul 2017, 8:17pm

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