Geraint Thomas taken to hospital

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Re: Geraint Thomas taken to hospital

Postby mjr » 26 Jun 2019, 6:13pm

Postboxer wrote:Looking at the luck other grand tour contenders have, it's an achievement that Lance Armstrong finished 7 Tours de France in a row, maybe there was less pressure in the race due to the cheating, but it still only takes one little mistake. Chris Froome didn't last long in 2014 after a few crashes and is missing this year's injured, although he maybe isn't considered the most skilful rider. Thomas and Landa crashed out of the Giro etc etc. Not sure if Lance Armstrong was entering many other races, or doing as much training though.

Even doped, Lance was pretty lucky 1999-2005. Other contenders around him had nasty crashes (Beloki, for a famous Tour example) but not Lance. He wasn't as lucky on his comeback, busting his collarbone in 2009 in another race and crashing repeatedly in the 2010 Tour (P&P's commentary was something like "when Lady Luck's gone, she's really gone").
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