2019 Vuelta; spoilers!

Now we have something / quite-a-lot to discuss and celebrate.
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Re: 2019 Vuelta; spoilers!

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 14 Sep 2019, 8:06pm

Pogacar brilliant :)
Knox slipped out of top ten it shows on his face,accident of course.
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Re: 2019 Vuelta; spoilers!

Postby Brucey » 14 Sep 2019, 8:30pm

after handbags at five paces yesterday, it was apologies at five paces today.. Pogacar's ride eclipsed Quintana's hope of retaining the third step on the podium, and Valverde had to ride to the limit to retain second place. This meant that the youngest guy on the race was being chased on the road by the oldest guy on the race. Roglic just did enough, mainly riding in the wheels.

It is unlikely that there will be a shake-up tomorrow, so barring prangs, that'll be how it finishes.

Pre race, Roglic was a good tip, but very many other aspects of the race were quite unpredictable.