CEO's statement

Discussion of the re-branding of CTC as Cycling UK.
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Re: CEO's statement

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The simple distinctive CTC logo is a million times better than this.

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Re: CEO's statement

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Bmblbzzz wrote:
vorsprung wrote:One little problem with this rebranding is that there is already an organisation called "We are cycling" that owns the domain names "" and "" is a link to various sportif-type events in France, Belgium and Italy, so potential confusion but probably just about distinct enough – at least for cyclists, certainly the general public will confuse them. But the domain is parked; I suspect it might even be owned by CTC, awaiting use.

"We Are Cycling" has now moved into the UK, taking over at least one Gran Fondo race previously organised by Very Cool Event Company, using a sub-brand "We Are Cycling UK". It confused me into thinking CUK was doing a brand tweak and moving further into sport, as you may be able to read at viewtopic.php?f=45&t=116534 if it's not yet been fed to the goat.
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Re: CEO's statement

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Longtime CTC member (40 ish years) and not particulalrly ludditeish . Search Cycling UK on the Web (which is where most of the younger generation would look) and the first couple of results are British Cycling (whatever happened to the BCF? :lol: )
Not that that's a bad thing BUT it rather weakens any marketing Strategy Cycling UK may have had in mind.
Whats the old adage ?
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" :(
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