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What the CTC needs to do to retain my membership

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 2:12pm
by keithb
I joined the CTC as a student about 10 years ago. At the time this was one of the only ways to get adequate insurance cover through cycle cover. Also, at that time the CTC seemed to have an active off road section campaigning for increased access, I believe was working towards getting a standard set of design guidance/standards approved nationally for the installation of cycle infrastructure.

I stayed with CTC as my off road cycling waned as they continued to try to improve the lot for everyday cyclists,which I had become. I felt ever distant though as the campaigning seemed ever less effective and vacuous, based on asking people to be nice rather than obey the law.

I was unsure about the change to a charity, I could see the potential benefits of being a single organisation but worried about the status of the club with that.

Now,with this name change it feels like the CTC has severed all ties with its core support and moved too far away from the organisation I joined as a national club with campaigning as a strong facet.

To keep my subscription the CTC needs to seriously toughen up its stance on road safety, the quality and suitability of cycle facilities (by producing it's own best practice guidance perhaps, with a view to its inclusion in highways design standards) and reinstate it's support for all cycling groups including off road, touring, in fact everything other than competitive cycling.

You've got six months.

Note: I've used CTC throughout this post as this name remains the registered name of the organisation, with everything else little more than a trading name.

Keith. Cyclist.

Re: What the CTC needs to do to retain my membership

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 2:32pm
by Psamathe
In my case, to get me to rejoin (I've already left) would need a change of management. I believe the current management does not have the capability to achieve what the CTC could and should be achieving. Only after new management were in place would I consider joining again.