Discussion of the re-branding of CTC as Cycling UK.
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Postby mekanopsis1 » 28 May 2016, 11:45am

So I've just received a ballot form in the post (having opted out of receiving "Cycle" some time ago for environmental reasons, especially as it was largely consumerist advertising including for foreign holidays based on flying). First I've heard of this "rebranding" which will be reversed or I'm leaving for British Cycling And in fact, since I plan to compete, I'll probably do so anyway. Well done to the "third sector" types running the organisation formerly known as CTC.

And PS: No matter what you say it's not a charity.

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Re: Bye

Postby gaz » 28 May 2016, 4:34pm

Welcome to the forum.

PS. You don't need to be a member of CTC/Cycling UK to post here.
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Postby Trail Beater » 28 May 2016, 4:51pm

Well thanks for sharing.
It's a pity,I have enjoyed our in depth discussions and debates over the many seconds you have posted.
Cycling UK has lost a valuable and well known forum member in you
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