Cycling Scotland???

Discussion of the re-branding of CTC as Cycling UK.
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Cycling Scotland???

Postby Allydoug » 4 Jun 2016, 9:42pm

I do agree that we should rebrand and have a name that reflects who we already are. However there is one problem that I see ( I hope I haven't missed the answer ) and that is that we used to have CTC Scotland up here, but that will presumably have changed?
But we already have Cycling Scotland who are not directly related with Cycling UK or CTC. So will it become Cycling UK-Scotland or what?
I'm sure this was considered but that in other areas of the UK there might be simmilar problems, so hopefully there will be an answer.
Maybe someone knows?
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Re: Cycling Scotland???

Postby gaz » 4 Jun 2016, 10:08pm

Cycling UK - Scotland
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e.g. Twitter @CyclingUKScot.
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