Cycling with foot drop - I'd like to hear more

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Cycling with foot drop - I'd like to hear more

Postby gforce1 » 20 Nov 2019, 4:48pm

Do you have foot drop / dropped foot? This is when you have difficulty lift your foot upwards and often results in tripping and sometimes falling. It can be caused by various things such as nerve compression / damage, stroke, multiple sclerosis. It can present cyclists with difficulty particularly in the up stroke of your pedalling cycle, and sometimes in the pushing down too.

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Re: Cycling with foot drop - I'd like to hear more

Postby pedals2slowly » 27 Nov 2019, 9:54pm

My wife cycled with (one) foot drop due to MS.
With spd clips she had no problems on the back of the tandem.
Provided you have shoes clipped in i wouldn't have thought it would be a problem, but every case is different.
Check with your consultant.
She has primary progressive MS and eventually began to occasionally spasm so we switched to Hase Pino which enabled her to freewheel whilst I pedalled.

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Re: Cycling with foot drop - I'd like to hear more

Postby skelo » 13 Jan 2020, 3:35pm

Yes, I have pretty severe foot-drop and left-side paralysis post-stroke. I wear a carbon fibre AFO (splint) have tried getting on a bike but can't control my foot enough. Ok on the back of a tandem with help placing my foot on the pedal. My solution was to get a recumbent trike (Kettweisel) which has been my escape back to freedom. it has 'sandal' pedals with velcro straps to hold my foot in place.

Because i am effectively pedalling with one leg and one hand on the bars I had an e-assist fitted to do long distance tours, which works a treat

It can be a bit awkward at times in small spaces and difficult to transport so everything I do is a circular route. The small 20" wheels mean that I can change tyre and tube one-handed!