Dentist - Cleaning out Socket Post Extraction.

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Re: Dentist - Cleaning out Socket Post Extraction.

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I'm due to lose three molars 10 days from now. Dentist wants to replace 2 of them with posts screwed into the jaw and crowns on top, while the 3rd, being a wisdom tooth, we won't bother with.

The system here is that all dentists are private, but the Sécu (social security) and your complementary insurance cover a certain amount of the bill, while the patient covers the rest. Trouble is that the Sécu used to take the approach that tooth problems are your own fault, so their coverage has always been low, and the complementary insurance covers a percentage - 300% in my case - of what the Sécu covers. The dentist's quote for my two molars would buy a very nice carbon electric road bike. :shock:

The craters should take 3 or 4 months to heal - plenty of time to think about it.
Have we got time for another cuppa?
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