Hip flexor pain

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Hip flexor pain

Postby Dynamite_funk » 8 Jul 2017, 8:39am

Hi Everyone. I've recently returned to cycling after a bit of a break focussing on surfing and recovering from a spiral fracture of my fibula which has resulted in a 12" titanium plate in the leg and a pin joining the tub and fib. I've remained active on the bike but am trying to extend my miles. I used to do regular 70 mile rides with the occasional 100 thrown in. Unfortunately since this injury I have started getting hip flexor pain in the right side after around 10 miles which sticks around for a day or two afterwards. As you can imagine this is extremely irritating having done such longer distances in the past. I would really like to figure out some sort of change to my set up to make cycling enjoyable again. If anyone has any experience of this I'd really appreciate their input

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Re: Hip flexor pain

Postby Vorpal » 8 Jul 2017, 9:32am

First are you sure it is flexor pain? Have you had a diagnosis from a physio or GP? Various other things can feel like flexor pain. Also, something like a trapped nerve often masquerades as muscular pain.

I think it's a good idea to get medical advice.

Secondly, your body has changed with an injury like that; it's possible that you need to lower your saddle a bit compared to where it was before. Or maybe you legs are uneven and that's what giving you pain? A support in your shoe, or on your pedal might sort it? An assessment by a professional will take the guesswork out of it.

Have you tried stretches? Stretching the muscles in question afterr cycling (or at least after warming up) can help.

Lastly, 10 miles my not seem like much to you, but it may be too much for your muscles that aren't used to it. Start small; cycle a few miles, and if that doesn't give you any problems, go a bit more a couple of days later. Listen to your body, try something like 10% increases in distance.
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