Hip replacement and cycling

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Re: Hip replacement and cycling

Postby goterps75 » 7 Sep 2018, 5:59pm

Delighted to have found this thread, I am scheduled for replacement in January and very concerned about post-replacement cycling. Riding 25-35 miles several times weekly at this point, but the major problem at present is that I cannot get on and off my bike without considerable difficulty. I agree docs go by age and are surprised when we "oldies" are doing something other than sitting in a chair. (Though my doc shouldn't be surprised- my husband climbed Kilimanjaro at 72 on 2 knees replaced by this same doc.) I am encouraged by the reports of uneventful recovery and rehab as well as prodded to make an appointment for pre-replacement rehab.

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Re: Hip replacement and cycling

Postby goterps75 » 7 Sep 2018, 6:03pm

Bernadette wrote:I am a 63 yr old female cyclist and took up riding 5 years ago after I was told that I needed hip replacement after being a runner for years. I was upset that I could no longer run, but my daughter encouraged me to start riding as I needed to wait a year as in Australia I needed to be in a health fund top cover as we only had medium cover. So for that year I started riding and found it helped so much with the pain management as I was strengthening my muscles. I waited until 3 months after surgery before riding again and now at 63 I am heading over to France in June to ride with a group of MAMILS and yes I am the token female. We will be riding Mont Ventoux. I will give it a go! Living in Sydney we drive to Geelong each year as I ride in the Cadel Evens classic along the Great Ocean Road (hubby is the support!!) I have been told by my surgeon that my other hip is bone on bone & yet I still have no pain & have full mobility.... so I will not be back under the knife.... not yet.

I feel inspired when I read other cyclists stories of returning to cycling after hip or knee replacements and would love to have more females take up riding, especially my generation!

You are my she-ro and I hope role model. I am having hip replacement in January (in the US), will be 65 by then. I would love to do Great Ocean Road on one of our trips to Oz (kids live there). Lots of nice riding in Sydney & surrounds. How did you do in France with the MAMILS (loved that movie!)?

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Re: Hip replacement and cycling

Postby Cunobelin » 7 Sep 2018, 7:44pm

I was reviewed by my consultant (8weeks) and fully discharged. Back on the bike(s) / trike(s) as from next week, except that I have various other obligatory fatuous over the next couple of weeks which will delay that

Bad news is that I am also fit enough to go back to work....

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Re: Hip replacement and cycling

Postby mac111051 » 14 Sep 2018, 5:35pm

I am 66 and broke my hip on the Tour of Flanders last year, had a brilliant surgion at the hospital in Oudenaarde who gave me a new hip, apparently they do not pin brocken hips in Belgium as you only end up with arthritis which entails another operation, had the operation Monday morning was walking in the afternoon, on a exercise bike Tuesday walking up staires on the Wednesday out of hospital on the Friday, they do not cut the muscle in Belgium but open it up like a pair of curtains then close them up so the muscle does not take long to heal, the national heath service computer could not work out I had not had the operation done in England so got no physio but that was OK soon got back on the turbo and back on the bike in a couple of months, went back this year and did the 140 Km Tour Of Flanders, my biggest problem as been getting my confidence back especially in the wet and any gravel on corners does my head in, best of luck to anyone having the operation just get moving has quickly has you can

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Re: Hip replacement and cycling

Postby K1566 » 27 Sep 2018, 7:29pm

Nearly two weeks post op now,swelling diminished and getting about on sticks. Can already feel the arthritic pain is gone just a bit sore from the operation.Excellent treatment at North Downs hospital.
Going to stick religiously to recovery programme and build up gradually.
Enforced immobility gives one time to reflect and makes decisions on lifestyle etc.
Before my op I treated myself to lovely titanium bike with triple Chainset and slightly more upright riding position than my other machines for when I’m fit. Life’s short buy the damn bike! :D

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Re: Hip replacement and cycling

Postby squeaker » 28 Sep 2018, 10:24am

Turned 70 this week, had right hip replaced 7 weeks ago using minimally invasive surgery (walking stick only used for first week or so), just signed off by surgeon and physio. Still sore where the cut was (eg sitting on a hard chair or lying on right side on hard floor) but functionally very good (better flexibility than before). Have done much more walking than usual (see chart), but now getting back on trikes (bikes soon). Hills have been the main challenge (walk uphill first - downhill's easy) but getting much easier. Main 'problem' now is lack of aerobic fitness - and we all know the cure for that.