Calorific Intake

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Re: Calorific Intake

Postby Mick F » 4 Aug 2018, 8:39pm

Two meals today.
Two fried bacon rashers and a fried egg with two rounds of wholemeal (real butter) buttered toast for breakfast.
Smoked salmon (from Lidl's) for lunch with another two rounds of wholemeal (real butter) buttered toast, with sliced cucumber and horseradish sauce for lunch. Skipped the evening meal, just a few beers instead down the pub.

Bike ride tomorrow. Maybe only two meals too.
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Re: Calorific Intake

Postby Paulatic » 4 Aug 2018, 9:32pm

The utility cyclist wrote:
Paulatic wrote:Follow your appetite and regular checks on the scales will tell you if you’ve got it right.
On my recent LEJOG the computer, every day, told me I’d burned more than 3000 calories. I must of eat around 5000 a day and I lost 7lb over two weeks.

dunno what weight you are, how fast you were going or how far on each day but I would burn that in about 60 miles at a moderate pace, we burn more calories after exercise above what our normal basal rate would be and this is never counted on computers/GPS etc.
it also depends on when you're eating and what plus on top of that when you weigh yourself, there can easily be a 2lb differential plus as mentioned sometimes we can get dehydrated and weigh which slants things.

people get obsessed with weight but it should be about keeping a balance on the fat, the simplest measure is that around the waistline, I'm back to my rugby weight but a few too many % points on the fat side of things though improving, If I got down to 90kg (currently 96 down from a lot more) and retained the muscle mass I'd be well chuffed.

On a hard effort 40 mile ride I don't eat much but post ride I can knock back a lot of protein, two boiled eggs, couple of chicken salad pittas, cream cheese/fruit mix with ease. I used to cook for my rugby team after I retired playing and the year I was doing it we won the national amateur competition so I must have been doing something right, even a few opposing players said they wanted to get us in the cup away because the food was amazing :lol:

I was 13 1/2 stone before we set off , averaging 66 mpd for 14 days now been 13 stone for following 4 weeks. I believe the afterburn is quite significant. I’m a constant eater but very reluctant to eat late in the day preferring to spread intake over the whole day. Interestingly sbcoombs put on weight over the fortnight and couldn’t fasten his trousers at John o Groats and had far less food stops than our slower group behind.
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Re: Calorific Intake

Postby The utility cyclist » 5 Aug 2018, 7:41am

Once you take into account the c.3000 just for the ride alone, 5000 consumed for the whole day (which is a lot to consume anyhow) would likely only just cover your daily need if at all. Maybe some days you consumed less and the overall output was more in real terms (not an algorithm+ rough cal intake)
Even with some weighing fluctuations/water loss or gain that got you the 7lb loss it would still suggest on a daily average you burnt more calories than you consumed. It wasn't a huge difference so you probably didn't notice much/at all in ride? I'd be happy if it was all fat burn 8) :lol: