Anaemia ?

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Re: Anaemia ?

Postby cotswolds » 18 Dec 2018, 4:44pm

ANTONISH wrote:Thanks for the advice.
I went to a GP (it's pot luck at my local surgery unless you want to wait even longer ) who sent me for a blood test.
Had that on the 27th November.
Not heard yet from the surgery - perhaps they are waiting for me to get in touch.
I'm still riding but definitely slower - I even went out on a club run and was able to keep up on the hills (such as they were).

Blood test results at my surgery are turned round in a couple of days. Anything outside the normal range will be flagged for a GP to look at, otherwise they'll just sit with your records. I'd be pretty confident that not hearing anything after so long means that everything's fine, but ring your surgery to check - they should just tell you over the phone.