Heart rate monitors

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Re: Heart rate monitors

Postby Bonefishblues » 1 Feb 2019, 1:32pm

Audax67 wrote:
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Mine definitely isn't a novelty; 3 stents in, it's a medical necessity. I have very definite limits to observe.

FWIW mine's synced to my Garmin eTrex, and I have a program that displays graphs of a whole trip for altitude, heart rate, slope, speed, wattage and temperature, analyses heart rate vs time spent at that rate, and derives a fitness index based on average wattage and average heart rate. It also maintains a database of performance vs distance vs slope, which allow me to take the GPX of a ride I haven't done and inject my probable performance figures. Useful.

Indeed, I have a 'proper job' too:


That's nifty. Must see if my doc will prescribe one. Doubt it.

Not big bucks - bought mine myself after tiring of wearing a Holter and missing episodes!