Knee Injury During Surgery Rehab

Johnny Sea Rnger
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Knee Injury During Surgery Rehab

Postby Johnny Sea Rnger » 21 Dec 2018, 3:47pm

I have a caution and a question. I had partial knee replacement (Oxford uni knee) and was comfortably walking 400 yards two weeks later. Then my physio included a stationary bike. After a few very cautious sessions, i increased the speed from 12 rpm to 40 rpm. Two days of that and I had terrible knee pain in the front of the knee one morning. Two weeks later i am having a very slow recovery from the injury. I cannot walk more than about 30 yards without pain. I still have over 140 degree bend (which I had two weeks after surgery) and that is increasing regularly.

It's the extension that is the problem. I had the seat set so that my legs straightened, which felt fine at low rpm for several days. We think what happened was that when i picked the revs up to 40 rpm, the knee was whipped, causing compression on the surgery site on the front of the knee. I felt nothing.

Caution: When starting stationary bike work be sure there is adequate knee bend at max extension. I felt no pain at all when the injury happened, so this is tricky.

Question: Has anyone else suffered this? How long to recover -- I am at two weeks since the injury, four weeks since the surgery. I am not sure I have any improvement at all.