Over exercise?

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Re: Over exercise?

Postby cyclop » 12 Sep 2019, 1:34pm

gbnz wrote:
cyclop wrote:You know when you over exercise.Your body and mind tell you in many different ways.Learn them and listen to them and remember,"wasting time isn,t a waste of time"

Perhaps, but the difficulty with that approach is that all exercise could seem to be too much!

The only way to improve is to over exercise to some extent I.e. I've had a four fold increase in lengths at the pool over the last five weeks (NB. Had a focus on improvement) - muscles may have ached, but I'm now doing the first hour without really noticing it.

Same on the bike, though my weeks with +200 miles have been offset by weeks in between only doing 40-60. Still, when I want to put the foot down as on a quick ride this morning (NB.Or last Sunday, which really stood out), all the stats show quite a difference. More importantly, it's pretty fantastic heading over the moors with the foot to the floor!

You,ll notice I said,"learn them".It is,as you said,necessary to over exercise to improve however,one needs to learn the amount and intensity of this "overtraining" for it to be beneficial rather than debillitating.Case in point;wishing to maintain the ability to climb hills,I started walking up our local hill,Screel,a steep in parts,1000 foot climb.Cycling legs took me easily uphill but ,by the time I was down,they had siezed up,not being conditioned for descending meaning days off the bike.Lesson learned i.e.cut out the long descents.