is your doctor a real one? or a fake one

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is your doctor a real one? or a fake one

Postby mercalia » 27 Jun 2019, 9:29am

A rather interesting and worrying article ... Highlights

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Re: is your doctor a real one? or a fake one

Postby Vorpal » 27 Jun 2019, 9:45am

In the meanwhile, people who actually do have medical qualifications are not permitted to practice, or even sit exams because all documentation associated with the person's studies and qualificaitons have been destroyed in war.
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Re: is your doctor a real one? or a fake one

Postby Paulatic » 27 Jun 2019, 2:38pm

That OP case happened fairly close to me just over the border. Closer to home I had a dentist which I felt was a bit rough and useless. A lot of other people felt the same and complained to the health board. Some locals ended up with life threatening conditions. Investigations discovered the guy had no real qualifications! Local taxi man I know took £500 cash for a trip to an airport as the guy needed a quick exit from Scotland to Lithuania. :lol:
We’ve a good dentist now and sincerely hope My Dentist has tightened up their recruitment procedure.
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Re: is your doctor a real one? or a fake one

Postby ambodach » 1 Jul 2019, 7:04pm

My local practice has a succession of locum doctors so I have plenty of experience. Some are confident and appear to know what they are talking about, some are obviously just there for a quick buck as they get very well paid but a minority seem a bit dubious. One in particular I remember did not seem to have a clue. This of course may have been down to inexperience and probably recently from a hospital background finding herself isolated with no back up. They may all have been qualified but their attitudes to patients varied enormously. A highly unsatisfactory situation but I prefer not to put my thoughts on their management on public record.