Smart bikes

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Smart bikes

Postby Conscience » 6 Oct 2020, 8:57pm

Hi there, I work with vulnerable people and feel it's not safe to go to spin classes. I am looking for a smart bike to use at home. I have tried a turbo, very quiet, but hard on my bike, despite tyres with correct pressure and well maintained chain and gears. Any recommendations? Will a smart bike improve my fitness enough to justify it?

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Re: Smart bikes

Postby Jdsk » 6 Oct 2020, 9:00pm

What features are you looking for in a smart bike over a traditional exercise bike?


Manx Cat
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Re: Smart bikes

Postby Manx Cat » 15 Nov 2020, 6:05pm

I have a Wattbike Atom. Love it. It’s a stand alone machine ie I don’t strap a real bicycle to it.

I use it almost daily. It ties up with Zwift and that has lots of brilliant training plans on it. Best thing I’ve bought in a long time. And yes. It’s improving my fitness.

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Re: Smart bikes

Postby DevonDamo » 15 Nov 2020, 7:39pm

You got 4 pages of responses when you last posted a question on here. See if you can beat your record for the most responses you don't bother acknowledging.