Anyone notice heart rate issues after covid

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Anyone notice heart rate issues after covid

Postby bgibson » 3 Nov 2020, 2:59pm

Okay, I don't know if I had covid or not so this probably seems a bit silly.
But 3 weeks ago I had a sore throat, loss of smell and taste, a fever. I am better now except that I am a bit short of breath.
Because of the difficulty of getting tests I just stayed at home and got 'better'. And, as I say, I do not know if it was covid or flu.
But I have noticed that I am still short of breath.
All my cycling is done on an indoor smart trainer. And while I was ill I stopped the cycling to be kind to my body. I have now started again and done 4 indoor rides.
I have noticed that my heart rate during exercise is much higher than it was before I fell ill. It is still 41-44 when I measure it in the morning.
But when I do a repeatable ride (a ride on the smart trainer that I have done many times, round a swiss lake (Tacx)) the average/max is 137/157 but in August (before I was ill) the same ride at the same speed and wattage was 126/138.
Relevant is that I am 64 but I do not know my actual max heart rate ('theoretical' using the 220-age would mean the max is 156 but I think my max is higher than that).
Has anyone else noticed the issues with heart rate during exercise post covid ? I am presuming that my body will get better with time so I am not bothering medical professionals.

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Re: Anyone notice heart rate issues after covid

Postby foxyrider » 3 Nov 2020, 9:05pm

Weirdly i've been having similar 'high' readings but only since i had a Covid test which came up negative! My age is Heinz atm which may or may not be relevant.

I have had, although not together, some flu like symptoms but none of the Covid 'markers', but the HR numbers were already going doo lally before that. i'd usually just put it down to being under the weather but the numbers are higher than i've seen in the past, i am however coming back from some physical injuries so maybe thats connected. It's not affected my riding but i am monitoring things, i have friends with heart issues so i'm aware of what to look for.
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Re: Anyone notice heart rate issues after covid

Postby Jdsk » 3 Nov 2020, 9:13pm

The various post-infection syndromes are gradually being defined. Effects on the cardiovascular system are very common.

General advice:

1 If your heart rate is irregular talk to your GP.

2 Don't push it.


The NHS in England is setting up "long covid" clinics:

That statement includes a link to "Your Covid Recovery":


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Re: Anyone notice heart rate issues after covid

Postby axel_knutt » 4 Nov 2020, 1:02am

I've not had covid, but when I was recovering from bowel surgery a few years ago I noticed my RHR went up from 47 to 60, and took about 5 weeks to return to normal.
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