Dupuytren's contracture

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Re: Dupuytren's contracture

Postby Mick F » 8 Dec 2020, 3:17pm

Thank you Cath.
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No communication from NHS as yet. Difficult times methinks, but I live in hope.
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Re: Dupuytren's contracture

Postby matt2matt2002 » 19 Dec 2020, 3:05pm

CathM wrote:Quote: "As I say, I'm realistic. Therefore I know the contracture will get worse."

It might or might not get worse. My husband (of E Scottish, Yorkshire and N German heritage so quite possibly a lot of Norse in there) has Dupuytren's in his left pinky. It bent to 90 degrees at the knuckle several years ago but has not worsened since, and his main complaint, like yours, is the difficulty in putting on cycling gloves. He was strongly advised against future amputation, as the pinky is your strongest and most useful finger for gripping - I believe it was a Samurai punishment, to amputate a little finger, as you can't use a sword effectively without it.

I've had my left little finger contracted at the knuckle for 10+ years. Fingers crossed (!!) It will not get worse. No pain. Just a pain putting on cycling gloves. I bought a pair this week, one size up from large, just so I can put them on. This leaves me with all fingers slightly short of the glove ends. Not ideal but the only way.
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