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Re: blood doning

Postby CathM » 4 Dec 2020, 10:41am

Please don't be put off donating blood by complaints about the hassle - in the last two places I've lived (Aberdeenshire & Cumbria) there has been an appointment system and it has improved the service greatly. In the old days I used to turn up, wait for over an hour with a good book (sometimes a lot over an hour), pass or fail the haemoglobin test (about 50:50) and go home either pleased or disgruntled. The appointment system works well in my experience, donating sessions are swift and if my haemoglobin's not up to the mark I know about it within a few minutes. Covid has made booking an appointment a little more difficult but you can always ask if they've got a cancellation.

I do find that my recovery time has increased as I've got older. I never used to notice any after-effect, but now I'm pretty tired the following day. On one occasion I cycled to the centre straight from work, had a snack, donated then tried to ride up the modest incline near my home, and learned that they don't tell you to avoid strenuous activity for nothing. I felt about 90!

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Re: blood doning

Postby Tangled Metal » 4 Dec 2020, 11:40am

There must be a wide discrepancy between efficiency of donation centres. Ours is a mobile one that works the various halls around north Lancashire. When it reaches our town it is atrocious.

Before booking I'd get in there and wait between half an hour and a full hour but always got to give, no issues with iron or tapping a vein. After booking came in I always wait over an hour and 50:50 whether there was enough time to fit my donation in. They always started turning people away at the door before halfway through the session opening times.

However, imho that's not a good reason not to keep trying to donate. In my case there were a few other issues that added up to being unable to donate. A mix of work, home and getting in issues combined.

My ideal solution would have been to transfer to another donation site but after donation I do sometimes feel a bit iffy. I really don't want to drive straight after. I guess my low blood pressure at the time was the reason for that iffy feeling after donation.

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Re: blood doning

Postby IanH » 4 Dec 2020, 7:22pm

On a positive note, I've had no problem with the Blood Donation Service in Somerset. I've always been "In" and "Out" in good time and the appointment schedule / timing has been very reliable. The staff are attentive, cheerful and enthusiastic - not an easy task when the duties are inevitably repetitive and, for the donors, occasionally stressful.
So, members please, if you can, give it a try; get out and donate!
PS. I have no links to, or other interest in, the BDS!

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Re: blood doning

Postby RickH » 5 Dec 2020, 6:34pm

Tangled Metal wrote:You can't donate above 70 so for most of you guys it's not an issue anymore! :lol:

They changed the rules a while back & as long as you are already a donor, & in good health, you can now carry on beyond 70 if you want.

I'm not 70 yet (nearly 62, I've spent this year telling people I'm just a 19 year old upside down :lol:) but I decided to retire after 70 donations last year.

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Re: blood doning

Postby Tangled Metal » 5 Dec 2020, 10:48pm

Just found my 25 donations pin badge in a drawer. Had a few since then but maybe only another 6 or 7 times.