Statins - side effects

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Re: Statins - side effects

Postby Jdsk » 16 Nov 2020, 10:49pm

Tangled Metal wrote:There's a family history of high cholesterol but after the NHS started checking levels of different cholesterol types my family history became low dangerous type and high good type. Seems a high good type helps keep the bad type down or so we all got told. Before the ratio was measured my mum nearly got put on statins because cholesterol was high. Not after ratio tested.

HDL cholesterol: ... ol-levels/

Tangled Metal wrote:I just know it's likely to not become a real issue until I'm a lot later in life, say late 60s or early 70s.

I don't think about it that way. The underlying disease process is atherosclerosis. That's ticking away in most of us from at least our 20s. It causes most coronary artery disease, many strokes, and a whole lot of nasty other conditions. Those may present much more commonly in later life but the time to intervene and stop progression is as early as possible. And that's regardless of plasma cholesterol concentration.