Are you tempted by Speedplay?

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Re: Are you tempted by Speedplay?

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Valbrona wrote: 15 Sep 2021, 8:56pm After having fitted the pedals and cleats ... I've lost the will to go out and set them up.
Really, you need a home trainer to do most of the set up on. And a carpeted floor so as not to damage the cleats without their covers.
There is no indication whatsoever, anywhere on the planet I suspect, as to the Q Factor of these pedals. Although I note the standard Wahoo Speedplays come in 53mm Q.
I found them easy enough to fit but I'm sure many won't.I have a mate who takes his SPDs/shoes to someone else to fit as he is adamant it's beyond his skill level :lol: :lol: :lol:
I agree that you need an indoor trainer to do a rough set up but I did the final adjustments after testing on the road.I got mine sorted after two 30 milers.For me it is really noticable,with the absence of any aching,having a wider stance on the bike 8)
I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Q-factor for my Zeros has not changed since Wahoo bought them so I would think that it will be 53mm also.
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Re: Are you tempted by Speedplay?

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Well ... my new Speedlpays did one ride before I chose to abandon them.

One ride is all it took to work out that at their maximum adjustemnt they place my feet further back (~3/4mm) than my Time pedals. Shame you can't somehow work out these things before buying new pedals and then trying them.

And 3/4mm is critical when i have had knee surgery and am back with my surgeon Friday on account of re-injury.
I should coco.
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Re: Are you tempted by Speedplay?

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Nope. Been using SPDs since the original ones - their float suits me fine.
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Re: Are you tempted by Speedplay?

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Been Speedplay Zero on my two road, and one TT, bikes for years, and Time Atac on my commuter and CX.

I use the walkable cleat covers, which can stay in place whilst on the bike, and haven’t worn out a set of cleats yet.
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