Replacing drop handlebars on classic touring bike

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Replacing drop handlebars on classic touring bike

Postby peterh11 » 11 Oct 2015, 3:44pm

Hi all,

I have a classic Super Galaxy (circa 1980) which I have modified over the years. Apart from the frame, the only original component now is the handlebar. I put a A-head stem with adapter on recently, to allow me to change the stem length. But the old bar doesn't have a wide enough section with increased diameter - was designed for the old quill stems. I don't want to go back to a quill stem - they look nice but rather impractical to change when you've got Kelly Take-Offs and gel under your bar tape. So I want to get a new bar, partly for safety reasons, but also I realized that I want to make a few changes: a slightly wider bar, brake levers with shorter reach.

Current spec: bar is Dawes' original. Width across the top centre-centre (C-C) is 400mm just behind the hoods. Drop is about 145mm C-C (to end of drops from tops). Reach is about 110mm from rear of bar to front C-C. Slight curve up as you get to the tops of the brakes, small flare out at the bottom - C-C 430mm. Brake levers are Exage Motion aero - nice and light action but my fingers are quite short and I'd like something easier to reach especially from the drops. The brakes are Shimano low-profile cantis - probably will upgrade but they are good enough as I don't do a lot of long descents and and I can stop the bike pretty quick with them.

I ride mainly day rides (3-4 hours most weekends), mostly on roads but with some poor surfaces and light-off road on farm tracks and bridleways. I use the whole bar - tops, on hoods, drops. Most mileage is on or behind the brake hoods.

I have (I hope - if not I will add a second post) attached a photo. You can see all the furniture I have on there!
Super Galaxy Bars close up_01.JPG
Super Galaxy handlebars - current

So I would be grateful if anyone can point me at current bars and brake levers they've got or tried which might work:
Bars: width on tops around 420-440mm, reach no more than current, a bit less is OK as I can put a longer stem on, so say in 100mm range, drops similar 140mm or so, slight flaring would be ideal. I've looked at the various Nitto bars online and comments on these would be welcome. Also the FSA Vero Compact might be suitable?
Brake levers: Aero, suitable for cantis, shorter reach. I see Hewitt use Cane Creek SCR5C on their Cheviot SE - are they actually shorter reach than standard? Any experience with them?

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Re: Replacing drop handlebars on classic touring bike

Postby roger72 » 11 Oct 2015, 4:27pm

Go for Deda RHM01 BARS OVER SIZE they are short reach and shallow drop ( £15 from Ribble Cycles ) and a new stem, I have PRO LT,they are very good,these will go together very well. Regards roger.

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Re: Replacing drop handlebars on classic touring bike

Postby andrewjoseph » 11 Oct 2015, 4:31pm

i've got a few spare handlebars if you want to buy:

Ritchey comp anatomic, about 42 cm C-C.

FSA Omega Compact 44 cm C-C at end of drops.

i've currently got sram apex double brifters, these can be adjusted for reach with a 3mm allen bolt. I've got smallish hands and need to adjust most things for reach.

I've used shimano 67300 triple brifters with rubber spacers to adjust reach. these are what my wife uses and she has quite small hands with a bontrager FITT bar. again compact drop.
Burls Ti Tourer for tarmac
Saracen aluminium full suss for trails.

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Re: Replacing drop handlebars on classic touring bike

Postby Mick F » 11 Oct 2015, 4:33pm

Nice mirror!
I have one of those.

Sorry, can't help you with the query. :oops:
Mick F. Cornwall