disc brake caliper rubbing against spokes

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Re: disc brake caliper rubbing against spokes

Postby grani » 4 Feb 2016, 7:52am

Solved this exact problem permanently with my Spyre and PD-8 hub with a disc spacer (washer). It is the most sensible and simple decision. I did not have nearly enough adjustment in the caliper to move it enough sideways to clear the spokes.

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Re: disc brake caliper rubbing against spokes

Postby Gattonero » 4 Feb 2016, 8:16am

Then one has to be careful with the rotor clearing the inside of the forks.
No surprise that Fox is developing new forks with tapered bottom end, right for htis purpose
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Re: disc brake caliper rubbing against spokes

Postby jonowinter » 23 Apr 2016, 6:28pm

banditgp wrote:Thanks again for all your replies, It's a 6-bolt PD-8 hub. I had a bit of a tinker with the calipers last night an it needs more than just an adjustment there. If I move the caliper as far as it can go to clear the spokes it's then bang up against the rotor so it definately needs "something else". I've ordered a rotor spacer as I reckon the suggestion of a rotor spacer then a washer before the fork mount (cheers reohn2) is definately a logical place to start. I've also ordered a caliper mount to try the 180 disc as I have spare rotors from my mtb so that's another fairly easy trial. I did ping off an email to specialized and my local spec lbs to get their take on the 180 rotor as that cautionary note is something i hadn't considered.

[updated] yep, lbs confirmed upgrade to 180 is not a problem and does not affect the warranty, good times !!

I have the same bike, same brake, same hub and same problem.

I was trying to sort the issue about a year ago, I ended up puting a 1mm spacer under the rotor to push it closer to the fork, this still makes the caliper very close to the spokes and the rotor very close to the caliper mount. At the time Specialized advised me not use a 180mm rotor due to safety concerns.

How is it working out for you? Does the 180 rotor give much more clearance? Any other issues you have come across?