Lepper Tour and other mattress-type saddles

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Lepper Tour and other mattress-type saddles

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Hello all

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Lepper Tour saddle, or other mattress-type saddles in general? I'm looking for a new saddle for my town bike, which has an upright riding position and is mainly used for shortish trips. I seem to have quite wide sit bones, so it needs to be a wide saddle. I'm quite tall and skinny. (I don't have a lot of "natural padding"!)

I currently have a Selle Royal 8261 saddle, which I like this size and shape of, but is uncomfortable on the sit bones. I think that the problem is that the padding is squishing down to nothing under the sit bones, meaning that they are pressing on the hard plastic base. This made me wonder about mattress saddles, as they don't have a hard base. It would seem that mattress saddles are relatively uncommon today, as plastic base saddles are considered "normal", and leather saddles have a dedicated following. The Specialized Expedition is one example though.

Although I am also attracted by the possibility of a sprung leather saddle, I think a cheaper plastic saddle might be a better choice for this bike, as I sometimes leave it at the station over the weekend etc.

The Lepper Tour is available here:
http://en.hollandbikeshop.com/bicycle-s ... n-s-black/
and here:
http://www.reallyusefulbikes.co.uk/_sho ... pper-tour/

more pictures can be seen here:
https://narowery.pl/pl/p/Siodelko-Leppe ... arny-/2948

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