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Re: Reuse vape bottles make perfect oil dispensers

Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 9:16am
by niggle
djnotts wrote:
Gattonero wrote:Good luck with that, to me is still an addiction that is not necessary.
Soy sauce, aside from sodium, doesn't pose severe health risk, nor addiction :)

An addiction that is not necessary? What does that mean? Like saying diabetes type 1 or suffering from clinical depression is not necessary. Or any illness.

I shall keep a few of the 4-5 10ml vape bottles I get through each week. Yes I am a nicotine addict. I am also an alcoholic - staying totally dry for over 17 years continues to take ALL my willpower, can't kick 2 addictions simultaneously.

You may still be a nicotine addict but if you only vape and no longer smoke tobacco then you are an ex smoker and have reduced your health risks, and therefore your burden on the NHS, by 95% according to the NHS which recognises vaping as having a genuine smoking cessation potential, certainly it has worked the best for me.

The ex smokers who have totally quit nicotine can be particularly obnoxious believing they have more will power, despite there being no way of knowing whether they were as addicted in the first place.

Re repurposing vape liquid bottles for carrying small amounts of chain oil etc., this is obviously more sustainable than buying new plastic bottles for the purpose, and cheaper if you vape yourself or know someone that does. There is no reason to think there is any risk from the vape liquid bottles as the vape liquid is water soluble and easily washed out with soapy water. Rinse them out and dry them on a radiator or windowsill and the small percentage of nicotine will be reduced to a truly tiny amount that likely poses far less risk than some of the mineral oils or additives in the chain oil, e.g. Teflon.