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clip-on handlebar mirrors

Posted: 30 Sep 2017, 5:14pm
by KtCycles
I have a client who needs at least one mirror if not two (one each side) to see behind her; but she her bike goes in and out of her car a lot so I'm looking for a clip-on number that can be removed easily, as I think a standard mirror would get damaged (I think her bike lives in her car, so that she can get out at a convenient park to ride! she's delightfully dedicated!) she also does not generally wear a helmet as she is not a fast rider and cycles only in traffic-free places - but in some of these, other cyclists go quite fast and I am concerned that she is vulnerable without rearwards vision. Please send links if you have any information. I've looked online but not see anything so far, but I may just be looking in the wrong place. cheers.