A reverse Salvador Dali; -or how to straighten wheel rims

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Re: A reverse Salvador Dali; -or how to straighten wheel rims

Postby Brucey » 14 Feb 2018, 9:52am

Regarding the repair described in the first post; I could have reset the clock in the camera to throw those of you who couldn't resist reading the Exif data off the scent, but I didn't. The main rim repair did indeed take a little over five minutes to do and a minute or so to set up and take the second photo. There were about seven corrective bends put into the rim, in some cases the same place was corrected more than once, until the result was right. As I mentioned earlier it is best not to overdo the corrective bends.

Needless to say the first time I tried a repair like this it took a lot longer to do..... :shock: .... in addition (as I previously mentioned) the subject rim was chosen in this case because it was unlikely to be a troublesome repair. Frankly, leaving the exif data like that was something of a double bluff; if (after I had tried a few rims myself) you had told me that it might be possible to repair a rim like that at all, let alone in that short a time, I would not have believed it!

So, anyway, it is often possible to swiftly repair very wonky looking rims; you have little to lose by trying! In some cases the results will be nigh-on perfect, in other cases the repaired rim isn't quite perfect and the wheel will have slightly uneven tension when it is rebuilt. I recommend that if you wish to re-use such a slightly imperfect repaired rim, it is best built into an undished wheel of some kind, rather than (say) a heavily dished rear derailleur wheel.