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25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 2:21pm
by Leeflatz
Is there honestly that much difference between 25mm and 23mm tyres?
Been using 23s for years in all weather's, even on tracks and canal bank, no problem.
On these tracks you can manage as long as you don't sit on the bike like a sack of spuds.
Just wondering.
Does 2 mm make that much difference?
Bemused by all the debate I keep coming across.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 2:37pm
by Mick F
I was 23mm for years, but now use 25mm.

Why the change?
Because I was getting pinch punctures. Swapping to 25mm made more rubber up the sides, and gave a better cushion to protect the sidewalls.

Was there any other difference?
No. Not at all. Still nice and fast and with the same low rolling resistance.

I can't fit wider than 25mm and still use mudguards, but I'm very happy indeed with 25 (or 23 notwithstanding the pinch punctures). Nice and comfy on a springy 531c frame though if my bike was carbon fibre, I might think differently.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 2:40pm
by cycleruk
The 25 compared with a 23 has reportedly less rolling resistance and is more comfortable. ... lly-faster

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 2:49pm
by Mick F
That sounds like a challenge! :lol:

I still have a couple of 23mm tyres ........ maybe three.
I could fit them, go for a ride, and call in at my favourite run-out test track. Gunnislake railway station.

I was up there yesterday on Mercian with 25mm tyres and did a single run-out test. I know where Mercian should stop, and it did spot on.
Compared to my Mouton with 28mm tyres, Mercian goes four or five yards further ............ but that's not comparing like-for-like.

I like to do these run-out tests as it shows that the bikes are running properly. Not done one on Mercian with 23mm that I can recall, so I could easily fit 23mm and try. I very much doubt that there would be any difference, but if there was, the 23mm would roll better than the 25mm ............... but the difference would be minimal.

May get round to a test next week. I'll have to plan a bit of maintenance and tyre swapping.

I use 120psi rear and 80 to 90 psi at the front.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 2:51pm
Jumped on my road bike with 23's for the first time in over twenty years, felt as comfortable as 35's on the tourer.
Frame and forks will have some effect if not a greater effect on comfort.

Gains by so called easy rolling and comfort will be lost by not pressing hard on pedals and getting somewhat an aero position, not TT just a bit head down.

Its hard to explain to glossy mag and stat lists absorbers, that slight aero which is also more muscular ergonomic, gives more comfort than trouser clip tweed and hy-vis brigade :mrgreen:

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 2:53pm
by Mick F
Spot on.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 3:18pm
by Brucey
re 25mm vs 23mm; it is more of a 'marginal gain' than a night and day difference. You would nearly always get a much larger change by using a different type of tyre than you would by changing the width by 2mm.

And when riding, folk either don't notice the difference or even ascribe the wrong difference to tyres based on ride feel, so don't expect to correctly feel the difference right away. A couple of watts either way makes a difference when you are racing (maybe) but is lost in the noise otherwise.


Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 3:50pm
by mig
like the tyres actually measure the sizes stated on the sidewalls in the first place! i had some huge schwalbe '23c' tyres a few years ago.

but, yeah, construction of the thing is far more important.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 3:56pm
by Mick F
Mine measure correctly.
23 is 23 and 25 is 25.

Vitoria Rubino Pro.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 5:04pm
by Leeflatz
Virtually no difference
Been cycling 40 years and used most tyre sizes over the years, from touring to cycle touring on a touring bike to mountain biking on me m/b
Not a frequent peruser of tech cycling info, but have been struck by the volume of debate on this.
Nothing beats the sheer joy of hard pumped up 23 or 25s on a road bike, no matter what it's made of.
If you can tell the difference, then you're a better man than me 😉👍

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 5:06pm
by Leeflatz
As a post script to the above, the big debate in my day was which combo of gear inches was best.
Happy cycling 😀

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 7:13pm
by Mr Evil
Maybe the tyre size by itself doesn't make a huge difference, but the main benefit of larger tyres is that you can reduce pressure. Going from 23 to 25mm you might lower the pressure by 10PSI or so, and that is definitely noticeable and worthwhile.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 8:52pm
by foxyrider
25? I consider my 23's wide, I used to use 20's, sadly they seem to have stopped making them and the pair I have on wheels are dead, sniff.

I've been using 23's all winter, its not the tyres that are causing any discomfort but the crap state of the roads! Mind you, I have been riding them flat, well @ 80psi.

A lot of this width stuff Is to do with aerodynamics - problem is most people don't actually consider the rim width they have before spouting all the techno babble - the tyre should be the same width as the rim to work aero dynamically which in turn will affect Micks 'roll out' data.

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 11:40pm
by Leeflatz
We'll said Foxy
You like to ride on what you're used to.
Not much left of roads these days
Maybe time for big thick, numb boring tyres again

Re: 25mm tyres

Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 7:32am
by Mick F
Mick F wrote:I was 23mm for years, but now use 25mm.
I must be getting senile. :oops:

I was 20mm for years, and now use 23mm.