Removing new freehub from new hub

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Re: Removing new freehub from new hub

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 8 Apr 2018, 12:09pm

Yeh if you could damage the freehub by undoing bolt, if that's what is suggested then the freehubs $£&*^!.
Although I like mine tight, I would say that the tension in the section of the hollow bolt with that fine thread is elastic enough even with less than recommended torque, its not like the first boltless freehubs, which were pressed on and all retained with the axel bearings.

Did the early freebub boltless have a different axel cone profile so that with axial play there was little radial play, or am I overthinking it :?
My boltless freehub axel bearings are a *&^^%$ to get right.
So many different axel shimano cone profiles.................
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Re: Removing new freehub from new hub

Postby fastpedaller » 23 May 2018, 4:00pm

rjb wrote:Here's an untried suggestion. Remove the axle assembly. Fit a cassette but only screw the lockring up finger tight. Use a chain whip to hold the sprockets and the Allen key to unscrew the freehub retaining bolt. :wink:

If you have a bench vice, put the Allen key in the vice and use the chainwhip to rotate the freehub clockwise, and this should release the freehub retaining bolt.

I've only ever removed one when fitted to a wheel but can't see why my suggestion shouldn't work. Let us know if it works.

Reviving an old thread!! I tried it today.
Well done RJB...... a top suggestion!
With a new 8 speed hub, I clamped the 10mm allen key in the vice. A handy 7 speed old cluster was (very) loosely held with lockring and a chain whip (300mm) required moderate pressure from 1 hand on the end to get the retaining bolt to move and then it was easily undone with the allen key by hand once out of the vice. Five minute job - locating tools and removing the balls was the greater part!