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What Bike?

Postby Dave » 15 Oct 2004, 3:15pm


I want to do a LE - JOG ride (on road) but when I finish I'll want the bike to go off road (light off roading) e.g. Taff Trail (Brecon-Ponty etc.)

I was quite keen on a Ridgeback Genesis something or other but had some advice yesterday that a Dawes 701 might be just as good if not better.

I'm 6ft 3, 16st if that makes a difference.

Any ideas?

Ta Dave


Re:What Bike?

Postby Dave » 19 Oct 2004, 10:46am

Thanks for all your replies, very useful



Re:What Bike?

Postby CJ » 19 Oct 2004, 12:39pm

Since I see no replies I guess that's irony and down to me:

Last time I looked at the Ridgeback Genesis range they were all very mean in the mudgaurd clearance department and had limited luggage capabilities. Not a lot of use either off-road or touring.

There are lots of more appropriate hybrid/trekking bikes out there that have narrowish smoothish tyres for easy road rolling, lots of space for mud and guards plus integral fittings for rear and front lowload carriers.

So-called urban mountain-bikes are well worth a look too. Often lighter than 700C wheel hybrids and with slick tyres they are no slouch on the road.


Re:What Bike?

Postby Blazingsprockets » 19 Oct 2004, 4:27pm

I bought a Ridgeback Panorama back in the summer and it's great lovely and stable and comfortable good for long rides.