Lamp fitting on bagman

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Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby downstream » 31 Mar 2018, 11:54pm

I'm fairly new on here so apologies if this is old hat, but thought this bodge might be worth sharing.
I use a bagman on one of my bikes and I've been struggling to securely fit a rear lamp. A bit of head-scratching time in the shed this afternoon resulted in this - a scrap piece of metal cut to the shape of the bagman 'platform' with a tab bent round the back, with the lamp bolted through. Looks ok when the bag's attached, and seems secure so far. Probably obvious, but the light's been mounted all over the back of the bike over the last few months and this is the first solution that's felt (to me) reasonably secure and neat.
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Re: Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby jamesbradbury » 1 Apr 2018, 8:55am

Nicely done! Imo this is a good location for a light as it's higher than the mudguard or seat stays.

Probably more robust than my bodge using a plastic painting tray.

I also like the collection of badges on your bag. That would keep me amused if following you.

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Re: Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby downstream » 1 Apr 2018, 11:17am

Thanks James!

Followed your link, we've had the same idea, but yours is probably lighter...I tend to ham-fistedness so have to over-engineer.

Had that bag since I was about 15; in my youth i collected patches from places i'd cycled to, probably thinking that it'd make me seem well-traveled and interesting. A few times since I've thought about removing them but haven't had the heart - nostalgia creeping in now I've turned 40...



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Re: Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby Gattonero » 8 Apr 2018, 12:45pm

Good job.
I had a though about a small piece of plywood only at the rear side of the bagman tubing, mostly because I could also screw is some eyelets to lash things when the bag is not in. But I think I'll ask a friend to braze-on one tab at the rear (for the light) and two on the sides for securing a bungee or cord. P-clips may help in defining the position before the man will fire the torch!
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Re: Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby PH » 8 Apr 2018, 4:36pm

It is IMO a good position for a light, I've had them on Bagmans since they came out. My fitting method is far less creative than others, a Cateye rack bracket with a couple of stainless P clips, it does restrict me to cateye lights, but as they're what I'd choose anyway it's no hardship
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Re: Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby andrew_s » 8 Apr 2018, 6:45pm

I use a J82S on mine, shown with a Smart bracket on it.
(the rubber roll is to protect the mudguard from bounce when carrying a fully loaded Longflap on rough roads & tracks)

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Re: Lamp fitting on bagman

Postby tim-b » 9 Apr 2018, 7:45am

...and my Bagman 2 Expedition
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