Revos ebike kit

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Revos ebike kit

Postby recordacefromnew » 23 May 2018, 1:13pm

Just read about it on BR. Claimed weight of only 2kg all in with 100wh battery, 250w motor, (automatic assisted) range of 10 miles or more depending on the size of the bottle cage battery, but I think most significant of all the whole thing can be fitted to (and taken off) most bikes in minutes.

The complete elimination of switchgear by monitoring rear sprocket motion seems like a good idea for the purpose, but since Bosch's and Shimano's 250w (geared) motors weigh between 3 to 4kg, I can't help but wonder where the fly in the ointment is. Thoughts?

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Re: Revos ebike kit

Postby Graham » 23 May 2018, 1:58pm

The drive through the back tyre will chew the tread through in short order. I'm out . . . .