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Carradice Super C Rackbag - internal dims please

Posted: 3 Jun 2018, 6:32pm
by NewHorizon
I know there are overall sizes on the Carradice site, and these show 160mm wide x 210mm high x 365mm long. But what is the internal length of the main space please? And size of the rear pocket? Also, what is the clear dimension between the feet on the short side? Thanks.

Re: Carradice Super C Rackbag - internal dims please

Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 1:56pm
by backnotes

The internal space on my sample is 278mm long by 137mm wide at the bottom, measuring the plastic plate inside. It slopes out to roughly 310mm long by 150mm wide (but the sides can bend out wider under the lid) at the top. The depth is 175mm from the plastic base to the rim of the bag. The lid can still overlap the rim and be 210mm (more if domed in the middle) above the base. The top of the bag is closer to the front of the bike than the bottom, so the extra taper in length slopes the opposite way to the seatpost. The base is has a curve on the corners at the end with the pocket.

The rear pocket is 115mm wide at the top at the back and if you pull the sides taut, roughly 90mm wide at the front when it is 60mm deep front to back. Measured at the bottom it is 100mm wide at the back, and 85mm wide at the front, with angled corners tapering in to around 55mm and sticks out about 60mm front to back. It is 130mm top (i.e. the top rim of the pocket) to bottom but the lid can sit between 150mm and 170mm above the bottom of the pocket depending how tight the adjustment strap on the clip is done up. So it is not really a regular shape at all in any direction - bit like trying to measure a blancmange!

The feet continue this handcrafted theme. The clear dimension between the insides of the feet on the short (width) side is 71mm at the front of the bag and 83mm at the rear, if that's what you mean. The other way round, the feet are 191mm apart on one side, and 202mm apart on the other side (if that's what you mean by the "short side").

So, when Maggie handcrafted my bag in Nelson, England, nothing was quite symmetrical, and it is all the better for that! I suspect other samples may vary slightly, or more than slightly. I can post some pictures if the above is too unclear. My example is about 8 years old, if the design has changed at all.


Re: Carradice Super C Rackbag - internal dims please

Posted: 15 Jun 2018, 4:39pm
by NewHorizon
Thanks! A man after my own heart with the detail. If only manufacturers would be more forthcoming!