Twist/Trigger Shifter for Shimano Road (Front) Mech

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Twist/Trigger Shifter for Shimano Road (Front) Mech

Postby belgiangoth » 14 Aug 2018, 4:00pm

Looking for an affordable but not rubbish Shifter for a flat bar (recumbent) to work with a road front mech. I have just tried a Microshift trigger shifter for the front, but it is (second hand and therefore) a bit knackered and you need to put so much force into shifting to top gear that you would really need to stop first (which sort of defeats the point).
Ideally a twist-shifter, but I would consider trigger.
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Re: Twist/Trigger Shifter for Shimano Road (Front) Mech

Postby Brucey » 14 Aug 2018, 5:43pm

wrong shift ratio, so are always going to be hard work.

Shimano have made revo-shifters that do what you want but they have internal gearing and are not reliable.

Easiest thing is to get an FD with a longer arm (to use a longer cable pull) on it and use that. You may be able to extend the arm on the extant FD.


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Re: Twist/Trigger Shifter for Shimano Road (Front) Mech

Postby PH » 14 Aug 2018, 5:54pm

Looong time ago. so the detail is sketchy, I had a sram twist grip shifter that was not indexed for the front. 3 or 4 clicks between rings and the ability to trim it to stop any rub. Likewise there's plenty of choice of non indexed trigger shifters, the thumbie sort, some pretty cheap though I only have experience of a couple, both now obsolete.