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Posted: 22 Apr 2008, 7:21am
by Mick F
The clips over-simplified the whole proceedure.

Apart from the rubber hoods issue, I feel that it was well edited. We saw him(?) applying white grease to the G springs, and then fitting the thingy into the unit. Then he put in the next bit.

I know you can't do it as easily as that. The other bit that goes on top of the bit with the G springs in, has to be pushed hard to overcome the spring resistance. I wouldn't mind betting that the film editor took out the G springs first!

In order to get those bits in, I had to assemble the bits with the G springs compressed, then carefully lower the whole lot into the main unit.

Nevertheless, a very good teach-in, and well worth watching over and over before doing it yourself. That way you won't have SPS. (Sweaty Palms Syndrome)

Re: Campag Ergo strip down

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 10:27am
by Mick F
The old YouTube movie doesn't work any more, but I've found this one instead.

Re: Campag Ergo strip down

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 3:45pm
by BigFoz
I made a tool for hooking the g-spring into place and holding the tension (the bit where you need 3 hands, all 1/10th the size of mine), by cutting the handle bit of a bulldog clip in two to prove an L-Shaped piece of strong "wire" that I could then use to hold the tension during assembly.