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Postby tempsperdu » 16 Nov 2018, 12:21pm

I was planning on re fettling my bike over the winter and fitting an XT 11 speed drive train to replace the 10 SRAM that’s currently fitted. However over the summer I have come to like the 10 speed especially after changing from an 11-36T to an 11-40T cassette. Luckily the bitza build of this bike included a long cage X9 RD so I can even go 11-42T cassette and still be within RD spec.
If I stay 10 speed I would want to change the front derailleur for something less ugly than the high direct mount that’s there. Can I use the direct mount adaptor that is fitted and use a low direct mount FD or is it better to just use a low clamp FD?
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When I changed the cassette I fitted a new chain. I used the front/rear largest ring wrap around method to see how much to shorten the chain by and my reckoning including the magic link I was one link short on 114 link chain. I am sure my 11 speed chains were 118 links as they always needed shortening by several links. If I do go to an 11-42T cassette who makes 10 speed 118 link chains as not seeing any in SRAM Shimano or KMC?
How do I lengthen a chain other than buy two?

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Postby Brucey » 16 Nov 2018, 6:34pm

most manufacturers now make e-bike chains that are longer than normal. More expensive, too, but still cheaper than buying two chains.... Some make 118 link chains too.

[edit; BTW beauty is as beauty does; if the extant FD works OK, I'd just leave it alone. Finding one that works at all is the thing, looks are very much a secondary consideration. You may struggle with the former for all kinds of reasons; I started to make a list of critical FD characteristics and when I got over about twelve I stopped....]

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Postby gregoryoftours » 17 Nov 2018, 3:16am

I'd fit a Shimano front mech if possible, I'm pretty sure that the cable pull is the same as sram and think the Shimano ones are better. I'd also stay with high clamp if your bottle cage fixings allow. The design is much better longevity-wise. The pivots can get gunked up more easily on low clamp which makes them more prone to sticking at both ends of travel, and also the pivots develop slop giving a wobbly and rattly cage especially in the small ring.