Retro but Effective Cargo Bike Lights

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Retro but Effective Cargo Bike Lights

Post by TallestTim »


I've just bought a trike based bakfiets (Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser) but of the lights that came with the bike, only the rear works - the others are corroded through due to water ingress, so I'm looking for replacements.

Unfortunately Johnny Loco don't sell their light kit anymore ( and I wouldn't really want to spend the money they are asking for on them), so am looking for 2 new retro style lights, preferably not AA powered, but from a remote Battery Box, enabling the same switch to turn on/change brightness/turn off on both lights simultaneously.

I've been digging around for a while, but can't find anything that looks like this - I thought they might exist for e-cargo bikes, but can't find what I'm looking for, (currently blaming my lack of Google-Fu).

Does anyone have recommendations for such a light setup, or a link to someone who's made up such a pack?

(I'll throw some "modern" Halfords 200 lumens lights on for the moment, but it's just not dutch enough for me in the long term)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Retro but Effective Cargo Bike Lights

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Nidderdale cycles on eBay are selling some dynamo lights at the moment.
Couple them with a lipo battery as well should be easy enough.
Rigging them up beyond a simple switch is the issue. There must be ways and means out there.
Cheers James
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