Galaxy Steel Frame repair advice please

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Re: Galaxy Steel Frame repair advice please

Postby 531colin » 10 Feb 2019, 6:33pm

What strikes me about this is how little metal there is in the bit of the seatstay which has failed. Just sticking it on the seat lug a bit higher up would give a bigger cross section of metal.
I think I've seen Brucey's "splice and cap" called a "top plate" to differentiate from the manufactured piece which is a top eye. The OP's photo shows "Dawes" embossed on the part; does this mean its a manufactured top eye rather than a top plate? Cleaning the paint off will show the braze lines.
Seatstays are a part of the frame where the designers let their imagination have free rein. I remember the wrapover seatstays somebody mentioned, and we have had "shot in" seatstays, various "triple triangles" and now dropped seatstays are (back?) in fashion.
Most frames are "cold set" to get them in track after manufacture, this builds in stresses and I wonder how much this has to do with failures?
As Brucey says, a top plate will be heated twice, and you have to get much more heat into the seat lug than into the end of the stay to get them up to brazing temperature. A bigger lump of stay brazed to the lug seems like a good idea, but I guess it won't be immune from built in stress?

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Re: Galaxy Steel Frame repair advice please

Postby Brucey » 10 Feb 2019, 7:58pm

IIRC the last dawes one I saw that looked like that (it even broke in the same place....) had a top plate/cap rather than a separate top eye.