Spa Audax build photos

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Re: Spa Audax build photos

Postby fastpedaller » 8 Sep 2019, 10:55pm

pwa wrote:I remember hearing of a cyclist who lost it on a downhill corner and went through a hedge and managed to break bones in both forearms. Both! By my calculation that would be six weeks of not being able to manage one's own toilet business!

Mend quickly.

I knew a cyclist who was involved in a road race crash which sent him over the bars and broke both his wrists - his occupation.... painter & decorator. :(

Samuel D
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Re: Spa Audax build photos

Postby Samuel D » 9 Sep 2019, 7:03am

kylecycler wrote:Hi Samuel, how are you keeping?

I’ve had better days but I’m alright, thanks. Have wounds on left hip and left elbow that are taking a while to sort themselves out, plus a sore rib. The rest is rapidly mending except for the shoulder.

A piece of bone split off the top of the humerus. After various scans they’ve decided I need some metalwork to hold that in place. Otherwise healing will take longer and I’ll end up with a significantly reduced range of shoulder movement – not a thrilling prospect. So I’m going into hospital today for an operation tomorrow.

I wondered about the time from injury to operation (nearly a week), but the surgeon told me they can operate up to three weeks after this injury. No doubt earlier remains better.

Still haven’t had a chance to study the bicycle. Seems pointless to rush that since I won’t be riding it soon. Will wait until I have two functional hands if not arms.

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Re: Spa Audax build photos

Postby Jamesh » 9 Sep 2019, 7:38am

Hope it goes well today mate.

Cheers James

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Re: Spa Audax build photos

Postby Brucey » 9 Sep 2019, 9:51am

likewise. FWIW there may be long lead parts that you need to get the bike sorted out. I'd be chafing and wanting to at least be sure that the bike (bent or not) is in good enough shape to at least strap to a turbo trainer; that way I'd be able to at least turn the pedals round even if I can't ride per se.


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Re: Spa Audax build photos

Postby reohn2 » 9 Sep 2019, 9:56am

Jamesh wrote:Hope it goes well today mate.

Cheers James

+1,the metalwork will speed up the healing no end,two weeks and you'll feel much better :)
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