Campagnolo Freehub O Ring

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Campagnolo Freehub O Ring

Postby Halla » 3 Jun 2019, 2:58pm

Hello All.

Just discovered that the O ring at the back of the free hub is broken, also the pawl springs are bent. The hub is 1998/1999 - 9 speed Veloce, I cannot find a model number for the hub or freehub

I think that the O ring part number might be FH RE012.

The bike has covered about 10000 miles in it's 20 year life.

I have found Campagnolo spares on the Mercian website, are they the only suppliers in the UK?

Should I just obtain and change the O Ring and Pawl Springs, or should I cover myself by doing more work to prevent further problems.

Also what is the best grease to use when replacing the parts.

Many thanks for your help.


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Re: Campagnolo Freehub O Ring

Postby fausto99 » 3 Jun 2019, 5:27pm

I am still using a 97 Veloce rear hub. The O ring has become oversize but is still in one piece. I have not replaced the springs as they were not bent. I did have to replace both internal sealed bearings in the freehub and both axle cones (and balls of course). Re lubrication I'm currently using a Castrol EP grease available from RS.

p.s. you'll need a special clip or bent coat hanger to keep the pawls compressed while you re-assemble. I find it very fiddly. Beware of everything flying across the room. Good luck.

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Re: Campagnolo Freehub O Ring

Postby Mick F » 3 Jun 2019, 8:18pm

This one?
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 20.13.31.png

Mercian is my first port of call.

Clean the bearings out regularly and use a good quality normal grease. Do it lots, and do it frequently.
You need the knack with those silly pawls and springs. The Chorus and Record versions are easy peasy.
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Campagnolo Freehub O Ring

Postby Halla » 3 Jun 2019, 9:17pm

Hello again.

Thanks for the replies, will get on to Mercian tomorrow, hope to be on the road by the weekend.

Regards Andy