Canyon Grail Cockpit & Lights

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Canyon Grail Cockpit & Lights

Postby JanBenes » 24 Jun 2019, 1:09pm

I'm thinking about buying the Canyon Grail CF, the one with that weird looking cockpit. However, I'm not sure how one would go about putting a light on it. I often ride at dusk or after dark and having a good light is a must. Has anyone dealt with this?

I've talked to the local Canyon support people and been told that the lower bar of the cockpit is roughly 42 mm wide in the middle and about 34 mm on the sides; the height being 19 mm. We've also talked about doing a custom mount (there are two holes for a computer holder), but the educated guess (not official) of the support person was it can only take about 300g, which would be really close and I'd then have to find an alternative way of mounting my computer. I have a Fenix BC30, which has a pretty wide and flexible mount (seems it could take about 40mm x 25mm in the widest part) and I'm reasonably sure I could come up with a custom piece of rubber to hold it in place, but wanted to double check I haven't missed any obvious alternatives.