'Sprintech' rear view cycle mirrors.

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Re: 'Sprintech' rear view cycle mirrors.

Postby nigelnightmare » 21 Sep 2019, 12:36am

I use "Mirrycle" but I have the bar end version that's also for mountain bikes.

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Re: 'Sprintech' rear view cycle mirrors.

Postby JohnW » 22 Sep 2019, 9:30pm

reohn2 wrote:John
No I haven't tried one but they seems to project rearward about the same as a bar end gear lever which I have tried and don't like for that reason,however I could be wrong in that assumption.
If your mate has one best bet is trying his on your bike.

I'm belatedly responding to this post from r2. There were questions (above) about whether 'Sprintech' mirrors can be caught on our anatomy at various times and in various places.

I can only speak for myself, and for how my bikes are set-up.
It is possible, although not usual, for me to catch the mirrors with a knee when dismounting in a confined space.
It can also happen that I catch the right-hand mirror when I'm moving my hand directly to the down-tube levers whilst returning my hand from indicating right.
Both the above happen, but very, very rarely.
Parking the bike is likely to catch a mirror on anything I'm leaning the bike against.
It's easy to readjust the mirrors to their correct position when on the move.

I'd say that the "Springtech" mirrors project further rearward than bar-end gear change levers but the set-up of my bike is such that I don't get close to catching the mirrors with a knee.
We're all different though John.

An issue that I wasn't ready for after the success of fitting to the first bike is luggage. On the first bike I have a rack-pack and this doesn't show at all on the "Springtechs". I do catch a glimpse of a thin slither of my thigh, but hardly noticeable and in no way a visual obstruction. On the second bike I have a Carradice traditional saddlebag with side-pockets and panniers for shopping etc. Both these items of luggage, whilst not a problem, and not seriously obstructing vision, are there and I'm conscious of them.

If I'd known what I know now, before I bought the "Springtechs", I'd still have fitted them to both bikes but I'd have thought more deeply about the 'bars and luggage on the second before fitting. My panniers on the second bike are cheap, lightweight clot ones - quite narrow. I have some Carradice full-width 'Super-Cs' and I think that these would seriously block vision.

I recommend anyone considering the "Springtechs" to read what Cugel has to say before fitting. The choice of 'bars is crucial.

The thing is, that if I knew I'd be using the 'Super-Cs' I'd research an alternative mirror - having now tried and ridden with mirrors I wouldn't want to be without them.